Professor Nicolas Mainetti Visited the University (July 5th, 2018)

On the morning of July 4th, Nicolas Mainetti, dean of the technical college of the university of auvergne clemont ferrond in France, together with three student representatives, the project manager of the French landscape planning and architectural design group in China and the permanent director of the china-france urban planning and architecture association, Ms. Redissa, visited our school and had a discussion on the exchange and cooperation between the two schools. Vice President Yang wenyu, director of the international exchange and cooperation department zhang xiaoping, President of the school of economics jiang yuansheng, President of the school of landscape architecture Chen qibing, vice President of the school of agriculture wang xiyao, vice President of the school of management he ge and other relevant teachers attended the meeting.


Yang wenyu delivered a welcome speech in English, extended a warm welcome to President Mainetti and his delegation, and introduced the general situation of our school. He carefully inquired about the research of the other party in the field of agricultural crops, and proposed that individual majors could be the entry point to conduct cooperative research on the entire industrial chain, so as to realize mutual complementarity between the two sides. The head of the school of economics introduced the successful cooperation experience with the ecole superieur d 'ecole d 'ecole superieur d 'ecole d 'economie in France. The French side said it could learn from this model and expand into other fields.


Mainetti introduced the general situation of auvergne clementine ferran university, including the professional setting, the students on campus and the current cooperation model with other Chinese universities. He said that there are many economics majors in France who want to study in China, and they have consulted our school of economics about the major setting, teaching language and curriculum. He expressed great interest in the short-term exchange of students and the "3+1" project between the two sides, proposed to invite representatives of our university to visit the university of auvergne clemont ferran in France, and looked forward to carrying out practical exchanges and cooperation with our university.


The relevant person in charge of our school warmly welcomes French students to apply for the program and provides scholarships for outstanding students. A French student has said he will apply for a master's degree in economics after graduating from the university next year.


The two sides held in-depth discussions on possible cooperation and exchanges and initially reached the intention of signing a memorandum of cooperation.


Professor Nicolas Mainetti is currently dean of the technical faculty of the university of auvergne, director of the laboratory of the clementine management research center, and director of the innovation incubator of the university of auvergne.

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