Professor Shozeb Haider Visited for Academic Exchanges (September 21th, 2018)

On September 18th, researcher Shozeb Haider, the School of Pharmacy, University College London, presented an academic report entitled "Identifying allosteric networks in beta lactamases" to faculty and students of the College of Life Sciences.


Shozeb Haider gave an introduction on how to carry on the antibiotic resistance research experiment based on the identification of β-lactamase allosteric network, makes everybody understand that with the widespread use of antibiotic drugs in the medical field at the present stage, when people take antibiotics at a low dose to cure diseases, they may induce some new problems, such as exposing pathogenic microorganisms in the body to non-lethal doses of drugs, so as to make them develop a certain degree of drug resistance.


It is reported that on the afternoon of September 14th , Shozeb Haider was invited by associate professor Chen Yanger to give a lively genetics course for the students of the biotech major in the class of 2016. In the class, Shozeb Haider started from the perspective of students' cognition of "DNA, RNA and protein", combined with the cutting-edge academic results, and brought new explanation for the students.

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