"111 Base" Foreign Expert Professor Erfei Bi of the University Of Pennsylvania Visited (July 25th, 2018)

Erfei Bi, professor OF cell biology at the UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA school OF medicine, arrived at the "animal nutrition and breeding science innovation and intelligence introduction base" (" 111 base ") OF our UNIVERSITY on July 23 for a two-week academic exchange visit.

As one of the foreign experts invited by "111 base", professor Bi was appointed as the special professor. Professor Bi will teach Cell Biology every year, make academic reports, conduct academic exchanges and guide student experiments. Professor Bi will present three wonderful academic reports to teachers and students this time. Mechanics of mitosis and cytokinesis were reported at 8:30 on July 24, Mechanism of hepatocyte polarization and apical tube formation at 8:30 on July 25, and Structure and function of the septin cytoskeleton at 14:30 on July 8 and 2, respectively. At the same time, professor Bi will have an in-depth exchange with the aquatic animal nutrition research group of the institute of animal nutrition to discuss relevant cooperation matters. In addition to the report, professor Bi will also communicate with students and answer questions in the "111 base" office.

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