On September 11, a delegation from the University of Nottingham visited SAU, recommended by the Sichuan Agriculture Department and the Foreign Affairs Department of Sichuan Province. The two sides held in-depth talks on exploring scientific research and innovation cooperation and personnel exchange between the two universities in relevant fields.


The University of Nottingham's "many firsts" are related to China, said Nick Miles, vice president for global affairs at the University of Nottingham. The first university in Britain to have a Chinese as its honorary president, and the world's first foreign university to establish a campus in China. Last year, it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sichuan Province, becoming the first top 100 universities outside China to carry out strategic cooperation with Sichuan Province. This trip is in response to the cooperation agreement between the province and university, and to cooperate with the China's top 100 university, Sichuan Agricultural University. The purpose of this trip is also to promote future agricultural and food innovation of China and the United Kingdom. Sichuan is a major agricultural province, its conditions in all fields are very much in line with the purpose of this trip. We look forward to boldly exploring various kinds of cooperation suitable for the two universities in the future.


It is reported that the 13-member delegation led by Professor Nick Miles is the largest number of people and the highest level of experts in the school's overseas exchanges over the years. It spans the fields of biology, soil, animal science, food processing and manufacturing, and nutrition, and includes an academician and a chief professor at a Fortune 500 company.


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