Professor Marta Camps Arbestain from Massey University Visited SAU (August 2nd, 2018)

From July 29 to 30, professor Marta Camps Arbestain from Massey University in New Zealand was invited by Professor Shen Fei from school of environment and institute of ecological environment of our university to exchange and visit the school.

Professor Marta Camps Arbestain made an academic report on "Soil Carbon and Climate Change" (Soil Carbon and Climate Change) for teachers and students, which introduced the global Carbon cycle and its relationship with Soil Carbon pool from different scales. In addition, it systematically introduces the international leading information, progress and research methods in this field. In addition, Marta Camps Arbestain also introduced the research on biochar in soil carbon fixation and other aspects, and systematically expounded the classification technology, indicators and methods of biochar in soil carbon fixation system. During the report period, professor Marta Camps Arbestain also had close academic exchanges and discussions with participating teachers and students.

After academic exchange, professor shen fei accompanied professor Marta Camps Arbestain to visit relevant laboratories of the school of environmental science and technology, and had a detailed exchange with professor Marta Camps Arbestain on future cooperation between the two sides in scientific and technological joint research and development and student exchange in the field of agricultural ecological environment, and reached the intention.

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