Professor Entao Wang from the National University of Technology of Mexico Came for Exchange (July 13th, 2018)

From July 8th to 11th, professor Entao Wang, an expert in microbiology at the national university of technology of Mexico, was invited by the school of resources for exchange and visit.

Professor Entao Wang made an academic report entitled "Diversity and Evolution of rhizobia" for teachers and students, systematically introduced the modern rhizobia classification technology, the latest progress of rhizobia classification system, the geographical distribution of rhizobia population and its response to environmental factors, and the application of rhizobia in ecological agriculture and ecological environment restoration.

The school of resources and professor Entao Wang have conducted in-depth exchanges on academic exchange and cooperation, postgraduate training and scientific research cooperation, and reached the intention of further cooperation. Professor Entao Wang also communicated face to face with graduate students majoring in microbiology and soil science, and gave careful guidance to graduate students in experimental design, data analysis and processing, and how to conceive and write high-quality English papers.

It is reported that professor Entao Wang is tenured professor in the school of biology, national university of science and technology of Mexico, doctoral supervisor, national researcher grade ii of Mexico, visiting professor of China agricultural university and northwest university of agriculture and forestry science and technology, and now chief editor of British Microbiology Research Journal, Systematic and Applied Microbiology Journal.

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