Experts from Wageningen University Came to SAU for Exchange and Visit (July 26th, 2018)

On July 21-26, 2018, by agronomy college professor chang-quan wang invited professor wen-yu Yang, resources, sichuan province in the administration of foreign experts affairs tianfu high-end plans "crop science innovation base" exchanging and exchanging and project support, wageningen university in the Netherlands crop system analysis center Wopke van der Werf, an associate professor and Tjeerd Jan Stomph associate professor and academic exchange visits.

During this period, it mainly carried out academic report exchange, postgraduate thesis guidance, intercropping machinery enterprise investigation, renshou test base exchange and other work. Professor Chen qiang, party secretary of resources college, professor ren wanjun, deputy dean of agricultural college and other relevant teachers and students of more than 70 people have heard Wopke van der Werf and Tjeerd Jan Stomph's "Intercropping for sustainable agriculture" respectively. An opportunity and a challenge "and" Intercropping in Europe: what can it bring and what does it take?" The excellent academic report clearly discusses the opportunities and challenges of intercropping in sustainable agricultural development, and carries out in-depth exchange and discussion; Then, accompanied by Yang feng, associate professor of agricultural college, and tang xiaoyan, teacher of resource college, the two experts inspected the intercropping sowing and harvesting machines produced by sichuan ganyi science and technology group, as well as the small agricultural machinery suitable for southwest hills. After visiting the intercropping test field of renshou modern agricultural expert college, and listening to the experiment content of postgraduate students on the spot, some constructive Suggestions for further improvement were given.

In team with professor wen-yu Yang around corn soybean belt compound planting in the process of communication between teachers and students, two experts fully affirmed the reform and innovation of intercropping planting patterns in Chinese under the background of much less importance, and for the future agriculture intelligent development, intercropping planting how simple, intelligent, precise gives some recommendations.

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