Researchers from the National Institute Of Animal Health Of Japan Came for Academic Exchange (June 22nd, 2018)

On June 20, Ayako Miyazaki, Ph.D., a researcher at the swine virus research center at the national institute of animal health, was invited to visit the academic BBS of the innovation team of the ministry of education of the faculty of veterinary medicine and did a lecture entitled "How can we combat with swine viral diseases together? How do we combat swine virus disease? ", chaired by professor huang xiaobo from the pig disease research center of the college of veterinary medicine.

During the meeting, Dr. Ayako introduced the current situation of pig breeding in Japan, the production management system of pig breeding, the epidemic status of pig diseases, the emergency mechanism of epidemic diseases, the control and purification of pig diseases and other contents. Subsequently, the epidemic status of rotavirus and porcine epidemic diarrhea in Japan, pathogen serotype, molecular epidemiology, the law of virus excretion in pig farms and the law of antibody fluctuation and growth were elaborated in detail, so that the teachers and students present here had a new understanding of Japan's control system and experience in major pig diseases. At the meeting, teachers and students interacted and communicated with Japanese experts on the prevention and control of swine disease in China, which benefited them a lot.

During the exchange visit to the school, Dr. Ayako visited the teaching animal hospital, the animal herbarium and the pig disease research center, and went to the school's technical cooperation unit chengdu wangjiang agriculture and animal husbandry technology co., ltd. and other pig breeding bases for field visits and exchanges, laying a foundation for the follow-up cooperation between the two sides in pig disease research.

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