Dr. Mawsheng Chern from University of California, Davis Came to Visit (October 11th, 2018)

On October 10th, Dr. Mawsheng Chern from University of California, Davis visited the National key Laboratory of Crop Disease Resistance Genetics and Disease Control, and presented an academic report entitled The microbial peptide RaxX activates rice XA21-mediated immunity to the faculty and students of the university.


Dr. Chern explained the discovery course and molecular action mechanism of receptor protein kinase (Xa21) in rice with the resistance to bacterial blight, and introduced in detail the RaxX protein of bacterial blight as the target of recognition of Xa21 receptor kinase, how to activate Xa21 mediated immune response in rice. 


Dr. Chern not only reviewed the research history of rice bacterial blight resistance mechanism, but also looked forward to the future research direction. His profound academic knowledge deeply impressed teachers and students presented. After the presentation, Dr. Chern also had extensive exchanges with teachers and students.

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