Vice President of Marquette University Visited the College of Management (October 25th, 2018) 2018.10.25

On Oct. 23, Dr. John M. Baworowsky, Vice President of Marquette University, visited the College of Management.


Deputy dean Fu Gang welcomed John M. Baworosky, and introduced the historical evolution, basic situation, preponderant disciplines, scientific research and personnel training of the school. John M. Baworosky gave a detailed introduction of Marquette University. At the meeting, the two sides conducted friendly and detailed consultations on the ways and means of cooperative school-running, and reached preliminary intentions on programs such as “2 + 2”, “4 + 1”, “1 + 1 + 1”, exchange students, and short-term visiting programs.


It is reported that this is the first time that Marquette University came to visit, and our school is also their first stop in Chengdu. This cooperation between the College of Management and Marquette University is intended to further broaden the scope of vision and cooperation, improve the quality of multi-faceted cooperation with foreign universities, and enhance the level of international education and the quality of personnel training, to provide students with more and better opportunities to accept international education.

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