International Students are Invited to Attend the Doctorate Exchange Forum (October 24th, 2018)

On Oct. 20, 30 excellent representatives of international students from our school were invited by the provincial education department to attend the forum of doctorate exchange among foreign students at the China Higher Education Expo to mark the 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening-up.

The forum was jointly sponsored by the China Association of Higher Education and the Association of Foreign Students of the China Association of Higher Education. A total of 22 outstanding foreign students from different universities and colleges came to share their study life and achievements in China. Eleven of them made their speeches in Chinese.


International students of our school listened attentively to the speeches, and exchanged views with the outstanding representatives from other colleges and universities throughout the country after the forum.


The forum also arranged to visit the innovative projects of various colleges and universities and the experimental instruments of cutting-edge science and technology companies in the exhibition, listen to relevant experiences, and exchange scientific research results. Our international students attending the conference introduced the relevant research projects of our school combined with their own doctoral projects. Effective talks were held on further cooperation.

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