Ms. Chandra Schwab from University of Nebraska Came to Visit (November 9th, 2018)

November 5-8, Ms. Chandra Schwab from the School of Business, University of Nebraska-Lincoln visited SAU for academic exchanges, to discuss cooperation between the two schools.


Wu Ping, vice dean of the College of Economics, extended a warm welcome to Ms. Chandra Schwab, and gave a brief introduction to the basic situation of the school and the personnel training, scientific research, and discipline and specialty construction of the College of Economics. They mainly discussed the cooperation process and effect of the exchange program with ICN, France. Ms. Chandra Schwab gave a detailed account of the internationalization of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, its academic advantages and professional settings. She expressed appreciation for the French short-term program, and the two sides had in-depth exchanges on the short-term study program of American students at SAU, and looked forward to cooperating in student exchange, academic research, and scholar visits. Ms. Chandra Schwab also gave a speech on “International Business Communication” to the faculty and students of the College of Economics.


The School of Business of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the College of Economics have signed a cooperation agreement for short-term student programs. From May to August each year, the American school will send 10-20 students to SAU for a 2-month course study and a 2-month practice.

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