Enrollment and Registration

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1. Application

Applicants wishing to study at Sichuan Agricultural University may directly get in touch with the International Office of Exchange and Cooperation of SAU. If you are admitted, you will receive an Admission Notice and a JW202 Form to apply for an X visa. For further information, please visit the SAU web site and refer to the General Regulation of Enrollment. Web site: http://english.sicau.edu.cn/

2. Enrollment & Registration

Newly-admitted international students should register in the University at the designated time indicated on the Admission Notice, with the documents as follows:

★ Passport

★ Visa Application Form for Studying in China (JW202 or JW202 Form)

★ Admission Notice

Students who fail to arrive on time due to personal reasons should apply for the permission of the university in advance to maintain their student status. Late registrations exceeding two weeks of the designated time will be regarded as giving up the qualification for entry.

Upon arriving at the university, the newly-admitted students should complete the Sichuan Agricultural University international Student Register Form, pass the passport inspection, and hand-in 2 passport-size photos (white background). The newly-admitted students shall receive the enrollment information and the Handbook for the International Students; and sign SAU Safety Obligations.

Newly-admitted students should pay all the fees at the International Students Office (ISO), go through all the procedures prescribed on the registration schedule, and attend the orientation activities organized by the university, the school or department.

Scholarship Students can go to the Finance Department with your passport and the Allowance Requisition Form to collect your living allowance and apply for an ICBC (Industry and Commercial Bank of China) card. You may collect your monthly allowance if you register before 15th (15th included) of that month, while those who register later than 15th are supposed to get half of the monthly allowance. From the next month on, during your study here, your living allowance will be deposited into your ICBC card you have applied for. You can withdraw money at any ATM or in the bank.

International students need to have psychical check-up in the local Public Hospital appointed by SAU. Students who fail to reach the health standards prescribed by the Chinese government must depart for their home countries within a month, bearing their own travel expenses.

A validity period of at least 10 days for the visa or residence permit is required for a newly-admitted student who will register for entrance at the International Students Office (ISO).

For international students staying for more than one semester, a registration is required for each semester, within the designated time when the semester starts. Students need to receive the payment list from International Students Office (ISO) and pay before registration. Students who have not made full payments or have neglected the procedure are not allowed to register. Undergraduate students should register at their college as well. Graduate Students should register at Graduate School as well.