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1. Time of payment

International students shall pay tuition fees, lodging fees, etc., calculated in RMB Yuan within the designated period. Degree program students pay tuition fees at the beginning of each academic year. Non-degree program students pay tuition on the basis of one semester. Students shall pay tuition fees in order to obtain the students status. The university may permit postponement of payment for a maximum of two weeks based on specific reasons. Students who fail to pay after the deadline are regarded as conducting voluntary withdrawal from the university.

2. Refund of tuition

Students of degree program who withdraw from the university in the autumn semester of an academic year may be refunded the tuition fees of next spring semester. Those who withdraw in the spring semester are not refunded.

Non-degree program students who have paid tuition fees for one academic year may be refunded the tuition for the second semester if they apply for withdrawal before the deadline for the application of the second semester. 80% of the tuition of the second semester may be refunded if the students apply for withdrawal between the deadline for the application and the registration of the second semester. Non-degree program students who are dismissed from the university due to violations of laws, administrative regulations of the government, regulations, rules and codes of the university, are not refunded.

3. Tuition fees for extension period

Students who fail to complete their academic programs within the prescribed period are allowed to postpone their graduation with the university approval. The payment of tuition during this period should be made in the following ways:

During the extension period of study, undergraduate students shall pay for total sum of tuition fees if three or more courses are retaken in one semester. The tuition standard follows that of the newly enrolled students in the extended academic year. A reduction of tuition fees may be granted if they retake two or less courses in that period. Those who have gained all the required credits and applied for postponement of thesis defense due to failure in reaching thesis requirement shall pay half of the tuition fees for extended semester.

Graduate students may pay half of tuition fee for the first extended semester, only once, if approved by their supervisors, the school/ department concerned and the International Students Office (ISO), under the following conditions:

(1) Good payment record;

(2) Less than two academic year’s suspension of study;

(3) Completion of required credits;

(4) Completion of the maximum prescribed period of study (maximum timing for master study: 3 years; maximum timing for PhD study: 4 years);

(5) Thesis almost completed.

Graduate students who fail to pass the thesis defense may apply for retaking of the defense within prescribed period with a payment of application fee of RMB ¥3000 ( please show evidence).

4. Fees for on-campus accommodation

Students who stay for more than a semester shall pay fee for a semester in advance.

Students shall live in on-campus apartment for one month or more, and those who leave within one month shall pay fees for one month.