Course Selection

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Under the guidance of instructors and the academic affairs division of the college concerned, the undergraduate students shall arrange proper academic workload for themselves through the completion of course selection within the prescribed period of each semester based on the requirement of their degree programs, guiding teaching plans, guidance for course selection, and the referential course timetable. The graduate students shall make their own course schedules based on the overall requirement of their degree programs under the guidance of their academic supervisor, and complete course selection within the prescribed period announced by the Teaching Management Center.

The full-time students usually go through two steps in choosing courses: formal selection and schedule adjustment (adding/dropping courses). Students can choose courses through any computer logged into the University intranet within the course selection period. The arrangement of phases of course selection for each semester is announced by the Teaching Management Center. The students of non-degree programs shall finish course selection and withdrawal within prescribed period in each semester.

Students may not participate in the study and examination of courses they have not formally chosen. Students who haven’t withdrawn from a course within the prescribed period are required to make regular class attendance and take the examination. Unexcused absence from the classroom instruction and examination will be recorded with grade point of 0 or Grade F (failure).

The full-time students may apply for re-registration or re-taking of the examination for a course they have taken but failed. Students may not re-register or re-take the examination in a course if they have taken and already passed that course.

It is forbidden to log into the on-line course selection system by using other students’ user names and passwords, or choose courses for other students without authorization. Violation of this article will lead to penalty according to university regulations.