Laws and School Regulations

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1. General Regulations of International Student Management

General Regulations of International Student Management

(Trial Implementation)

1. In order to strengthen the management of International students, we make the following regulations according to Management Rules on Receiving International Students for Schools of Higher Education, Management Rules for Students in Ordinary Schools of Higher Education and Code of Conduct for Students in Schools of Higher Education and some other related documents. International Students’ actual and specific situation has also been taken into consideration when making these regulations

2. Students must abide by the laws, and rules of the People’s Republic of China (PRC); observe rules, regulations and disciplines of SAU; conform to local social moralities and customs.

3. When engaging in religious activities, students must abide by Management Rules of Religious Activities for Foreigners in the People’s Republic of China. Preaching or organizing religious gathering on campus is strictly prohibited.

4. Distribution or posting of propaganda materials is forbidden on campus.

5. Also forbidden on campus are gambling, excessive drinking, fights and scuffles, taking drugs and drug trafficking, and other misconduct that may disturb the normal order of teaching, research work and daily life.

6. During school time, unless approved by the International Students Office (ISO), students are not allowed to get part-time jobs either on or off campus, or participate in business entertainment, TV or radio programs, and social surveys.

7. Students who drive car to the school must have a pass permit issued by the school security office. Motorbike is forbidden to enter the campus.

8. International students are supposed to stay in the International Students Apartment or International Apartment and observe the Apartment’s management rules.

9. Outstanding students will be cited and awarded by SAU.

10. Students who break the rules and disciplines of SAU will be dealt with according to SAU Punishment Rules for Students Who Violate Disciplines. Students who violate laws and regulations of PRC will be referred to proper authorities.

11. Students must exit China within the fixed time upon graduation, completion of their course of study, or discontinuation of their study. SAU will report a list to the Public Security Bureau with the name of the students who receive the punishment of being asked to quit school or being expelled from school. Public Security Bureau will cancel their residence permit or shorten their stay in China according to related laws and regulation.

12. International Office of Exchange and Cooperation is responsible for interpreting these provisions.

13. These regulations will be effective starting on the day of issue.

International Office of Exchange and Cooperation

July, 2014

2. Students Apartment

Students Apartment provide on-campus accommodation for international students.

The administration of the apartment is implemented according to the Administrative Measures of Accommodation in Students Apartment of Sichuan Agricultural University. All students accommodated in the International Students Apartment should abide by the administration.

Administrative Measures of Accommodation in International Students Apartment of Sichuan Agricultural University

(Trial Implementation)

Chapter 1 General Principles

1. The measures are stipulated, in accordance with the law, administrative regulations of the government, and the Administrative Measures of Accommodation in Students Apartment of Sichuan Agricultural University, in order to maintain the regular order of teaching, study and living, to provide good environment of study and living for international students, to protect the legal benefit of both the university and the students.

2. The ownership of Students Apartment of Sichuan Agricultural University belongs to the university. The Property Management Center of Sichuan Agricultural University is responsible for the management and service of the apartment. International students who live in dormitories shall comply with the administration measures and coordinate with the administration.

Chapter 2 Check-in and Check-out

3. International students admitted by Sichuan Agricultural University are eligible to apply for accommodation in the International Students Apartment, except those who has been disqualified due to violation of university regulations. The Property Management Center is entitled to the room allocation, with the applications submitted by the students personally and approved by the university.

4. An international student shall only occupy the specified room and bed allocated to him/her upon check-in. It is forbidden to exchange rooms without permission. A student may apply for room change due to personal reason of necessity, at most 2 times during his/her stay.

5. Except for those who are sponsored by the Chinese Government Scholarship, an international student shall prepay the rental upon check-in. Generally, a student s prepay for the rental of the whole semester; an exchange or visiting student who stays less than a semester shall prepay for the rental according to the period of stay specified on the admission notice. If a student fails to renew the lease in 3 days after the Reminder Notice is issued, the room will be treated as if the student has checked out, and he/she may be disqualified for future stay in the apartment. The policy and rental standard for the students sponsored by the Chinese Government Scholarship will be stipulated by the International Office and the Property Management Center, in accordance with the policy of the Chinese Government Scholarship.

6. A student shall process the check-out formalities and settle the bill, when he/she graduates, completes study, quits, temporarily leaves or is suspended, the lease is expired, or he/she moves out voluntarily.

7. After a student checks out, he/she have to reprocess the application formalities if he/she wants to live in the apartment.

Chapter 3 Passport, Visa and Accommodation Registration

8. An international student shall produce his/her valid passport (or other travel documents that approved by the Chinese Government, the same below) upon check-in, and register at Property Management Center according to the Law on the Entry and Exit of Aliens.

9. The passport and visa/residence permit must be valid during the stay of an international student in the apartment. If any change, such as extension or renewal, happens to the passport, visa/residence permit, the holder shall reprocess the registration formalities. A student will be temporarily suspended from living in the apartment, if his/her visa/residence permit is invalidated by the law, until the status of the visa/residence permit becomes valid again.

10. If an international student leaves the apartment for over 24 hours continuously, he/she must inform the reception of the apartment building.

Chapter 4 Lodging Administration

11. In order to prevent and stop fire accident, protect the safety of life and property in the apartment, the managing party implements fire-safety measurements in accordance with the law and administrative regulations. The following conducts are violations of regulation:

(1) Deliberate damage or unwarranted movement of the fire extinguishing facilities.

(2) Storage or usage of combustible, explosive or corrosive matters, or forbidden electrical appliances; usage of naked fire; forbidden power line connections; embezzlement of public electricity supply. The following electrical appliances are forbidden:

(a) Electric heating appliances, such as water heater, stove, heating blanket, etc., and electric appliances without automatic power break protection device.

(b) High-power electrical appliance over one kilowatt (1kw).

(c) Electric appliances without China Compulsory Certification (CCC).

The following power line connections are forbidden:

(a) Connection except for fixed sockets in rooms (including public areas);

(b) Connection from fixed sockets in a room to another room.

12. In order to protect the safety of life and property and to stabilize the public order, the institution of visitor management is implemented in the apartment. The visitor shall produce valid identification and register before entrance is permitted. The apartment is open for visit from 8:00 to 22:00. When the student visited leaves, the visitor shall leave immediately as well.

13. In the non-visiting time or without registration, a resident student shall not host visitors in the apartment. A resident student shall not pass the room key to others, unwarrantedly copy the key or add another lock on the door.

14. In order to keep the apartment healthy, neat and clean, a resident student shall protect environment inside and outside the apartment room, keep quiet and take care of the facilities in the building. Anybody who is responsible for property damages due to improper use or other human factors shall compensate for the loss.

15. The institution of safety inspection is implemented in the apartment. Any violations or safety threats detected in the inspection shall be disposed, stopped or eliminated by the managing party. International students in the apartment shall accept the inspection of rooms about safety and lodging administration by the staffs authorized by the university; any obstruction and hindering is prohibited.

Chapter 5 Penalty

16. A resident student, who commits a violation of the measures, shall be penalized by 1) a written warning, or 2) public censure, or 3) disqualification of accommodation. Misconducts violating the Administrative Regulations of Student Discipline Penalty of Sichuan Agricultural University will also be reported to the university authority concerned for misconduct penalty disposal procedures. Any loss of other people’s rights and benefits, or the public property, caused by the violation, shall be compensated by the resident student responsible.

17. The authority of penalty for violation of the measures is entitled to the Students Apartment Management Committee and its authorized institutions.

18. The arising of any of the following situations will result in a written warning to the violator:

(a) Violation of fire safety institutions resulting in fire threat which has not caused loss of life or property.

(b) Conducts ruining the normal living environment, such as smoking in the public areas of the building; throwing or dripping things out of the building; spitting, raising pets, arbitrarily parking vehicles, etc.

(c) Unwarranted decoration of the room, damaging or changing the structure or functionality of the room.

(d) Conducts resulting in loss of public property intentionally or negligently.

(e) Using the room or other facilities of the apartment to operate business, such as leasing, repairing or sales, etc.

19. The arising of any of the following situations will result in a public censure to the violator:

(1) Slight violation of registration regulations of passport, visa/residence permit or accommodation.

(2) Passing the key to other people, copying the key unwarrantedly, changing the room lock or adding another room lock.

(3) Making noise, causing public disorder, or disturbing other people’s life.

(4) Hanging, distributing or posting propaganda or promotional materials without permission.

(5) Exchanging rooms without permission.

(6) Hosting other people against the institution of visitor management.

20. The arising of any of the following situations will result in disqualification of accommodation to the violator:

(1) Committing crimes or violations of laws.

(2) Passing, renting or lending the bed or room to other people.

(3) Obstructing the university staff from performing their duties by escaping, hiding, resisting, hindering, etc.

(4) Violations of the institution of fire safety, such as storage or usage of combustible, explosive or corrosive matters, or forbidden electrical appliances; usage of naked fire; forbidden power line connections; embezzlement of public electricity supply, and other conducts causing serious safety threats.

(5) Conducts resulting in fire accident or other serious damage of the facilities.

(6) Deliberate or repeated violation of registration regulations of passport, visa/residence permit or accommodation; or violation of the law resulting in serious illegal stay.

(7) Refusal to pay for the rental.

(8) Other serious violations confirmed by both the managing party and the International Office.

21. A resident international student who is disqualified for accommodation will be sent a written notification. If the notification cannot be delivered to the person, it will be announced to the public in the apartment. The disqualified student shall move out of the apartment in 5 days after the notification is delivered or announced. If he/she refuses to move out, the university may refuse his/her entrance of the apartment, and appoint at least 2 staff members to clean up the room. All loss or damage is assumed by the disqualified student.

22. An international student who is imposed written warnings twice or more in one semester may be imposed a public censure; who is imposed public censures twice or more may be disqualified for accommodation. Chapter 6 supplementary articles

23. The international apartment hereby is referred to the apartment designated to accommodate international students by the university.

24. The measures are applicable to any other person, who is approved to be accommodated by the Property Management Center or the International Students Office due to necessity.

25. The power of interpret the measures remains with the Students’ Apartment Administration Commission. The Chinese version will prevail in case of divergence of interpretation.

26. The measures shall be put in to effect as of the date of approval.

International Office of Exchange and Cooperation

July, 2014

3. On Work-study Program

Rules on Word-study Management (trial implementation)

In order to standardize students’ work-for-study activities to protect their legal interests, according to relevant documents and provisions issued by Ministry of Education of PRC, the following provisions On Work-study Program are made

Provision 1 What is the Work-study Program?

Under the condition that regular study is not interrupted, students are allowed to work on or off campus. The income they make can be supplement to their daily expenses.

Provision 2 Qualifications

(1)Officially registered students who maintain legal student status.

(2)Students who apply for work-study program are required to pass all the exams of both compulsory and optional courses.

(3)Students have comprehensive life insurance.

Provision 3 Some restrictions

(1)Maximum work time is 20 hours per week during school time.

(2)Maximum work time is 8 hours per day during vacations.

(3)Work-study program may not include TV or radio programs, commercial performances, or performances in entertaining places.

(4)All activities have to be observed by laws and regulations of PRC.On Work-study Program

Provision 4 Application and Registration

Students have to apply with ISO and fill out Application form for work-study program. ISO is then report it to Exit and Entry Department of Municipal Bureau of Public Security to obtain approval.

1. Materials that need to be submitted with the application form: copies of signed contract with the employer (starting and ending dates, type of business, time, payment and pay day should be stated), passport, student ID and residence permit.

2. Students who participate in the work-study program have to keep record of the employment and abide by the Labor Law and other related laws of PRC.

Provision 5 Accidents and Disputes

1. Injuries or accidents happen during work must be reported to ISO and other authorities immediately.

2. Disputes between students and employers should be resolved via mutual negotiation, or they can be mediated by a labor arbitrator. ISO will provide with translation service and policy consultation when necessary.

Provision 6 If these provisions contravene national regulations and laws, please consult the latter for reference.

Provision 7 International Office of Exchange and Cooperation is responsible for interpreting these provisions.

Provision 8 These regulations will be effective starting on the day of issue.

International Office of Exchange and Cooperation

July, 2014