On-campus Living Guide

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1. Network Service

The network service of Sichuan Agricultural University is operated by the Information Technology Center. Network sockets and WIFI access points are available in student apartments, classrooms, laboratories, libraries, with the same university account.

International students shall apply for IC Card with Account Application Letter issued by ISO, Passport and electronic photo before applying for university account. The activation fee is ¥50, no refunded but can be transferred.

The price of intranet service is ¥15/month/8GB. If the incoming network flow in a month exceeds the basic service capacity, the exceeding flow will be charged at the rate of ¥0.003/MB.

In addition to the campus network service, there are other WIFI services provided in students apartment, including China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile. If necessary, students may choose these internet services.

2. Financial service

Bank Account

In a few days after a new student register at the university, he/she shall apply for a bank account. This account is connected to the student identification, as the designated account to receive allowance of scholarships, or to transfer money to his/ her student ID card to pay for the food in cafeteria, library compensation, shopping in the student supermarket, etc. The new student need to activate this account by setting the password with his/her own passport in person and then file his account number at Financial Department with his passport.

Currency exchange service

Since exchange of RMB is still under control, you may not be able to get RMB out of China.

We suggest you change some money into RMB cash on your arrival at the airport. Only for the daily cost for the first days, several hundreds of RMB is reasonable. Carrying a large number of cash is also a hidden risk to your safety.

Many bank outlets in Chengdu provide foreign currency exchange service. You can change your money into RMB conveniently. It is strongly suggested that students not go to the place unauthorized to change money. You will risk the possibility of forged notes at these places not eligible to exchange.

Bank Card

Cards issued by many international finance systems can be used on ATMs in China. The most widely acceptable ones are VISA and MasterCard. Some others, such as American Express, Diners, Discovery, JCB are also acceptable, but only on a much smaller number of ATMs. Therefore, we suggest you take a card issued by VISA to China. However, the cards issued by foreign banks cannot be used to get cash from the counter of Chinese banks. If you need a large amount of cash, you have to go to the head office of Bank of China in the downtown. This case is unlikely possible to happen, as most stores, supermarkets and other places of consumption, including the tuition and accommodation fee in our university, accept cards. Unfortunately, the supermarkets in the campus are still the exceptions – they only accept cash or IC card.

3. Campus IC Card

An IC card can be used as dining card, library card and medical card, etc. on campus. Students can also use the IC cards to pay for stuffs in supermarkets on campus.

International students shall apply for a Campus IC card with the application letter issued by ISO at the Online Service Center。