2004 NEWS

From Nov. 13 to 14, 2004, the meeting of the "Sino-America Joint Teaching Program of Lawn--Turf-Grass Management" was held in our university. Representatives from Michigan State University of the U.S.A. and four partners of China (Beijing Forestry University, the Northeastern Agricultural University, Suzhou Agricultural Professional College and SAU) attended the meeting. The preceding work of the program was summarized, and the future arrangement and working plan was discussed.President Wen Xintian,(SAU) granted an interview to the guests from home and abroad. Vice-President Yang Wenyu, leading the relevant professors and working staffs of our university, attended the meeting and exchanged opinions with other partners of the program.

From Oct. 23 to 24, 2004, the delegation of SAU, led by Prof. Yang Wenyu, the Vice-President, attended the "5 th China International Education Forum & Sino-France Higher Educational Forum" and China's international education exhibition in Beijing. The forum was hosted by France and was the grandest in scale with more than 150 French universities and colleges present. It is said that the grand forum well followed the one that had been successfully held in France last year by the Ministry of Education of China. On the evening of Oct. 23, Prof. Yang was invited to the banquet given by the French Embassy.

From Oct.11 to Nov.13, 2004, Prof. Deng Liangji, the Vice-President of our university, when having a short-term program in Nordrhein Westfalen Germany, paid a visit to the Agricultural College of Bonn University. During his visit, a formal agreement of intention between BU and SAU was signed for cooperation in exchanges of research work, teaching program, academic materials, education, etc. in the near future.

Oct.18 to 28, 2004, our university delegation, led by Prof. Wen Xintian, the President, went to Japan for a friendly visit. During the tour in Japan, the delegation visited Hiroshima University, Hiroshima Prefectural University, University of Tsukuba, Tokyo University, and Yamanashi pref. Norin High School, making on-the-spot observation and study in the campuses, labs, libraries and farms. Members of the delegation were all ears to the host universities about their staff training, management, finance, etc. In the visit of Hiroshima University, the "Educational & Academic Exchange Agreement" was signed between SAU and HU and a Friendship Tree was planted with a memorial stone, on which eight Chinese characters "Evergreen Tree, Eternal Friendship" with the date

Oct. 22, 2004 and our university' title were carved. The delegation was made up of nine members, including Vice-Presidents Zheng Youliang and Zhang Qiang, Prof. Xu Zhengchun of the Rice Institute and other five relevant leaders of SAU.

Oct, 22, 2004, Prof. Linder Strorm, from Helsinki University Finland, came to our university for a visit with his two colleagues. The teachers and students of the College of Resources & Environment warmly welcomed the lecture on nodule bacteria delivered by Prof. Strome.

On the afternoon of August 27, 2004, accompanied by Vice-Governor Huang Xiaoxiang and the official of the State Ministry of Foreign Affair, Premier Nevest, Republic of Cape Verde, followed by his 17 attach ¨¦ s, including Minister of Agriculture and Fishery, Minister of Economy, Minister of the Country Development and other VIPs of the government, paid a visit to the Institute of Rice of SAU. President Wen Xintian, Vice-President Deng Liangji and the Institute scientists and experts warmly welcomed the visitors. Photos taken, a Chinese picture presented, President Wen well hosted the guests and made a friendly speech about SAU and expressed a hope to develop a scientific and technological cooperation between two countries. Premier Nevest showed great interests in the development of crop production and crop breeding, and hoped to make cooperation in the research of rice growing.  

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