2005 NEWS

Antipoverty Issue Trainees from African countries trained at SAU
During October 28-30, 2005, the participants of the Training Program for the Antipoverty Issue in Africa organized by high-ranking and secondary agricultural officials from 21 African countries took a survey study at SAU. They studied the university s experience on scientific and technological research and outreach activities. During their visit, seminars about rural economy in Sichuan and the policy and experience on antipoverty, and survey in field were arranged.

UNE President visit SAU
October 13, President of the University of New England (UNE), Australia, Mrs. Professor Ingrid Moses, and Vice-President (International), Professor Robin Pollard paid a two days visit to SAU. SAU President, Prof. Wen Xintian, and vice President, Prof. Yang Wenyu hosted and held meeting with the guests. The Presidents of SAU and UNE signed Memorandum of Understanding during the visit.

Spanish Agricultural Delegation Came to Visit SAU
August 31, 2005, the Agricultural Delegation Catalunya Province of Spain, Led by Mr. Antoni Suirana, the Minister of the Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fishing Department of Catalunya Provincial Government, visited our university.
Lleida University and SAU signed an agreement to promote academic exchanges in education and research on the basis of equality and reciprocity. President of SAU, Prof. Wen Xintian and the Vice Party Secretary, Prof. Deng Liangji, were present at the signing ceremony.

Vietnamese Trainees Completed the Course of Hybrid Rice in SAU
August 27, 2005, the one-month-training class of hybrid rice for the Vietnamese trainees was successfully wound up in Wengjiang Rice Institute of SAU. Vice-president Yang Wenyu was present at the completion ceremony and became the promulgator. He congratulated the 10 Vietnamese trainees to be diploma-holders of SAU.

Zhejiang University Experts Came to SAU for Cooperation
From August 19 to 22, 2005, guests of the Agriculture Modernization and Countryside Development Research Center of Zhejiang University made a visit to SAU. Three discussions were held and agreements were reached on developing relations between the two universities before the title, the Sichuan Branch Center of Zhejiang University National Innovation Program Base of the Countryside Development of China, was vested in the Sichuan Countryside Development Center of SAU and the plate of the title was put up in the ceremony. The three discussions are about:
1. The establishment of the Sichuan Branch Center of Zhejiang Universit National Innovation Program Base of the Countryside Development of China;
2. the tripartite cooperation between Zhejiang University Agriculture Modernization and Countryside Development Research Center, SAU Sichuan Countryside Development Center and Sino-Canadian Agricultural Cooperation Program Beijing Office;
3. the agenda of the arrangement for the Seminar of Anti-poverty in the Developing Countries in SAU and the Sichuan-visiting tour of more than 40 officials and guests from some dozen developing countries after the seminar.

Canadian Guests Came to Visit SAU
August 16, 2005, Mr. Chen Zigang (Canadian Chinese) and Mr. Wu Song, who are in charge of the Canadian Programs in China, made a survey in Sichuan and visited SAU. Two guests and the hosts of SAU‘s Economic Administration College held a talk about issues in cooperation and exchanges.

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