2006 NEWS

Three Japanese Guests Came to SAU
Sept. 19-23, 2006, three guests of Japan headed by Prof. Fujida, Prefectural University of Hiroshima, came to visit SAU. They came to renew the cooperative agreement of an academic exchange between two universities. They were escorted round our campus and visited the library and some labs of the Animal Nutrition Center. Then they went to survey the production base of the Chinese medicine — Achyranthes in Tianquan county

The Title “Advanced Unit of 2006” Awarded to the International Office of Exchange and Cooperation SAU by the Educational Bureau of Sichuan Province
March 2007, the International Office of Exchange and Cooperation SAU was awarded the title of “Advanced Unit of 2006” by the Educational Bureau of Sichuan Province for their excellent work of university’s foreign affairs assigned by the Personnel Bureau of Sichuan Province.

Russian Guests Visited Our Rice Research Institute
Aug. 14-26, 2006, Kovalev Victor, Zelensky G.L and Kostina S.S from the Russian Rice Institute had an academic exchange in our Rice Institute. They three made academic discussions with our scholars on the theory of “Breeding of Health Hybrid Rice and Definite Location of the Gene of Red Rice”.

An Academic Exchange between China and Netherlands in SAU
July 24-27, 2006, Dr. Sjoukje Osinga from Wahelingen University of Netherlands came and made an investigation in the College of Economic Management of SAU about “Pork Supply Chain in China” and the possibilities of some other academic exchanges in the future.

A Canadian Specialist Made a Brief Call at SAU
July 10, 2006, Mr. Zhang Zhi, a notable Canadian scientist, made a brief call at SAU and had a discussion with some partners of his in SAU about the sustainable and practicable development technology of grass engineering in Aba Areas of Sichuan. He also made a discussion about cooperation with us.

The “4S-Seminar of Animal Nutrition and Feed of China” Held in SAU
July 7-9, 2006, the “4S-Seminar of Animal Nutrition and Feed of China” was held in SAU. Five Canadian scholars came to the seminar and Dr. Kevin Liu, Prof. Windish Telefoniert and Dr. Micheal Boddington delivered their papers titled as “The Control of Feed Quality and the Application of the Infrared Fast Detective Technology”, “ New Feed Additives to Meet Current Challenging of Animal Production” and “Technical Service Philosophy and Approaches in Feed Industry”.

Guests of South Korea Came to Visit SAU
A three-people delegation led by Jae-dong Chung, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Kyungpook National University, came to our university on June 30, 2006 for a 3-day visit. They were received by our President Wen and some other relative scholars. Meetings were held in discussion about the academic exchange of teaching staffs and students, as well as the exchange of educational and agricultural information. The two parties agreed to carry out academic activities in the future on the principled basis of equality and mutual benefit.

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