2007 NEWS

German Professor’s Academic Report on Ads Had a Full House in SAU

On the evening of Dec. 3, 2007, Prof. Mathias, the well-known international designer and educator and Visual Communicational Designing Dept. of Castle Fine Arts Academy Germany, came to SAU to delivered a lecture in the auditorium of Yifu Building for the teachers and students of the College of Humanities & Social Sciences SAU. The topic of his lecture is “Enjoy Ads — Analysis & Appreciation of Classic Ads of the World”.

Sino-Korea Joint Educational Agreement Signed

On Dec.1, 2007, the Animal Nutrition Institute SAU and Dankook University South Korea signed a joint educational agreement to co-educate postgraduates of the two parties.

Sino-German Academic Activities in SAU

Nov.1-5, 2007, Prof. Volker H Paul, Süd-westfalen University of Applied Sciences of Germany, invited by the Rape Research Center of SAU, gave lectures and made academic exchanges in the Agricultural College of SAU. Prof. Paul, who is one of the visiting professors of SAU, has managed to come to SAU once every year in the last three years and each time he did a good job.

Sino-Japan Academic Exchange in SAU

Oct.30-31, 2007, Prof. Nisho Takashi, Horticultural Botany Breeding Scientist of the Graduate School of Northeastern University Japan, came to SAU to make academic exchanges.

Lectures of IFLA Delivered in SAU

On the afternoon of Oct.20, 2007, Dr. Diane Menzies, Chairwoman of IFLA & New Zealand FLA, delivered an interesting lecture in the auditorium of the Yuxing Building, Students and teachers, in and out of the circle, had a very good time. The following was also interesting and much easy to understood for the speaker was a Chinese professor who is the Secretary of Chinese FLA and the representative of IFLA.

Sino-Japan Academic Cooperative Program in SAU

On Sept.6, 2007, Dr. ZhaoYiming, came to SAU to make another offer of four academic exchanges to renew and expand the former two offers made in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Dr. Zhao, who is one of the doctoral team-members studying in Japan, worked as the liaison person for the “Chunhui Plan” of the State Ministry of Education (China) and the Animal Products & Grass Institute (Japan). Dr. Zhao’s offers are the branch programs of the “Chunhui Plan”.

Sino-America Academic Exchanges in SAU

On the morning of Spt.4, 2007, Dr. Ina Dobrinski and Dr. Zeng Wenxian, Pennsylvania State University USA, made an academic report on the international scientific frontiers development of the animal trans-genesis for the teachers and students of the College of Animal Science & Technology.

Sino-Germany Academic Exchanges in SAU

Sept.3-4, 2007, six German agricultural engineers made a visiting tour and academic exchanges in SAU.

A Educational Delegation of Kyungpook National University S. Korea Made Academic Exchanges in SAU

Aug.6-8, 2007, an educational delegation of 8 members led by Prof. Yong-Hee Choi, Food Engineering Scientist of Kyungpook National University S. Korea, visited SAU. The delegation of eight members were warmly welcomed and received by Mr. Wen, President of SAU. A meeting was arranged in summarizing the past academic exchanges and planning further academic exchanges between the two parties.

Sino-Canada Academic Exchange in SAU

July 11-13, .2007, Dr. Joshua, Food Institute of the Agricultural Dept. Canada, made an academic exchange in the College of Animal Science & Technology SAU.

Sino-Britain Academic Exchange in SAU

July 5-6, .2007, Prof. Jing-jiang Zhou, Judge of China Natural Science Fund & Rothamsted Research Biological Division BBSRC Harpenden U.K., made an academic exchange in SAU.

Sino-Belgium Academic Exchange in SAU

June10-14, .2007, invited by the Future Agriculture & Human Health Research Center of SAU, Dr. Douwina Bousscher, the nutritional scientist of Orafti Company Belgium made an academic exchange in SAU.

Vice-president of Indonesia Comes to the Rice Institute of SAU

June 9, 2007, Jusuf Kalla, Vice-president of Indonesia, escorted by his delegation of over 80 people including Agricultural Minister, Public Engineering Minister and some other VIP of Indonesia government, paid a visit to the Rice Institute of SAU. It was one of his highlights in Sichuan visiting tour. The whole happy afternoon, Vice-president Jusuf Kalla was very interested in the new breed of rice turned out by the institute. He looked into such information as the output of the rice and its possibility of growing in Indonesia. The agricultural minister spoke highly of the Institute and said he would see to it that our experts be invited to visit Indonesia to make cooperative research on the rice suitable to the condition of Indonesia. Late in the afternoon, guests could hardly tear themselves away from the experimental rice field of the Institute.

The guests were received and warmly welcomed by the top leaders of SAU. President Wen Xintian delivered a welcome speech and introduced SAU to them. Vice-president Den Liangji and Vice-president Yang Wenyu were present at the meeting. Mr.Wu Xianjun, Depute Dean of the institute, made an introductory remark about the institute to the honorable guests.

An Academic Exchange between Hohenheim (Germany) and SAU
May 28 & 29,2007, Dr.Klaus Becker and Dr. Harinder P.S. Makkar, two professors of the Tropical and Subtropical Aquatic Products & Animal Nutrition Dept. of Hohenheim University Germany, came to the Animal Nutrition Institute of SAU for an academic exchange and cooperation. They made a constructive discussion with teachers and postgraduates of the institute of SAU and got an overview of SAU after they were escorted to visit the History Museum of the university.

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