2008 NEWS

Michigan State University’s Teaching Program in SAU

Prof. David Smitely, an entomologist of Michigan State University USA, completed his teaching tour in SAU on December 6, 2008. Our students of Sino-America Turf Management Program Grade 2004 had 2 busy weeks under his guidance.

“Teacher of the Year” in 2008

Lawrence James Gray and Pierre-Emmanuel Desage, two of the foreign teachers in SAU, were awarded “Teacher of the Year” again by the People’s Government of Sichuan.

“Jinding Prize Teacher----2008” of SAU

Dr. Dick F. M. van de Wiel, a visiting professor of SAU from the Netherlands, was awarded the title of Jinding Prize “Gold Medal Teacher of Sichuan” by the provincial government of Sichuan. The awarding ceremony was held in Jingjiang Hotel of Chengdu on November 20. Dr. Wiel was given the medal with a certificaton by Wei Hong, the Deputy Governor of the province, and he was the first foreign teacher in SAU awarded the title.

Sino-Japan Academic Cooperative Program in SAU

Dr. ZhaoYiming, the liaison person for the “Chunhui Plan” of the State Ministry of Education (China) and the Animal Products & Grass Institute (Japan), came to SAU again on October 31, to make a two-day visit for the Program.

Sino-Canada Academic Exchange in SAU

Oct.30-Nov.1, Prof. Inteaz Alli, a food safety expert of Canada, made an academic exchange in SAU and his academic report “Food Safety: The Food Scientist Perspective” had a full house.

Visitors from France

Oct. 28, Mr. Gonzague Derly, President of BIOTEK Agriculture France, came for a visit and made an offer in cooperation with us in farming experiment, seed test, farming products attestation, food procession and food safety test.

Sino-Hungary Academic Exchange in SAU

Oct. 22, Dr. Galina Jeney, Hungarian Fish Culture Institute, paid us a visit and made an academic report “Laboratory Development of Fish Immunity Synergist”.

Visitor from Japan

Oct. 15-16, Mr. Zheng Shaohui, Associate Professor of Saga University Japan, came for a visit and made an offer in cooperation with us in soybean research.

Sino-Canada Academic Exchange

Sept. 23-28, Prof. Cao Wen-guang, Eastern Corn & Oil Crops Research Center of Agricultural Ministry Canada, came for a visit and made an academic exchange with us.

Visitor of D.S.M. Co., Ltd. Switzerland

Spt. 17, Mr. José-María Hernández, the global poultry nutrition specialist of D.S.M. Co., Ltd. Switzerland, came for a visit.

Three American New Teachers Arrived

At the beginning of this semester (September 2008), three new American teachers arrived at our campus on invitation. They will join our teachers in language teaching for one year.

Our Students of CSC-SUNY Scholarship Flied to US

Eight undergraduates of SAU flied to US to study in New York State University on August 15, 2008. They are financed by the CSC-SUNY scholarship, which is purposely to support Sichuan area by the US government for it was visited by the strong earthquake of this May. It is reported that they have arrived at the destination safe and sound and will begin their study for one year in each of the departments they belong to. Their tuitions and accommodations are to be paid by the host according to the scholarship program.

Sino-Israel Academic Exchanges in SAU

On July 13, 2008, Mr. Raanan Katzir, the water-saving agronomist of Israel, came to SAU for a seven-day visit of academic exchanges. He delivered 8 lectures of his specialty and visited quite a few farms in the counties of Shuangliu, Pixian, Renshou and Anxian while offering his specialist opinions to the farmers who were visited by the disaster of Wenchuan earthquake in May.

Sino-Denmark Academic Exchanges in SAU

On July 6, 2008, Dr. Per Torp Sangild, Professor of Human Nutrition Dpt. of Copenhagen University, came for a tow-day visit in SAU. He made some academic exchanges with our specialists of the Animal Nutrition Dept. College of Animal Science & Technology SAU.

Activities of the International Goat Science Association in SAU

Dr. Christopher D?Lu, President of the International Goat Science Association came to SAU for a two-day visit. He delivered two lectures and each had a full house.

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