2009 NEWS

“Teacher of the Year” in 2009

Pierre-Emmanuel Desage and James Robert Degulis, two of the foreign teachers in SAU, are awarded “Teacher of the Year” again by the People’s Government of Sichuan. This is the 4th time that another two of our foreign teachers gain the title for our university.

U.S. Well-known Professor of Poultry Science Came (December 9-12)

Dr. Paul Siegel, Professor Virginia University U.S. in poultry science, came to SAU for academic exchanges. Dr. Paul Siegel, accompanied by Prof. Zhu Qing, the Deputy President of SAU, visited our school exhibition hall, the campus and some key- laboratories. He carried out academic exchanges and discussions with our teachers and students on relevant fields and wide scope. Dr. Paul Siegel, the well-known professor of poultry science, was once the editor of Poultry Science.

Academic Exchanges between Hiroshima University and SAU (Nov. 19-21)

Two professors of Hiroshima University Japan paid us a academic visit to discuss co-operation issues between two universities.

Academic Exchanges between Adelaide University Australia and SAU China (Nov. 15-22)

Prof. Margaret Cargill, College of Earth and Environmental Sciences of Adelaide University of Australia, came to SAU to conduct activities of a seven-day academic exchange on how to enhance English paper-writing ability with our teachers and students.

Internationally Renowned Wheat-Diseases Specialist Conducted Academic Exchanges in SAU (Nov. 10-12)

Prof. R.A.McIntosh (Sydney University Australia), an internationally renowned specialist on wheat diseases and the new chairman of International Wheat Gene Nomenclature Committee, came to SAU to conduct activities of a three-day academic exchange.

Top Maize Scientists Came to Make Offers to SAU Oct. 21

Mr. Tom Lumpkin, General Director of CIMMYT (the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center), escorted by Dr. He Zhonghu, Top Post Scientist of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Dr. Xu Biyun, maize breeding scientist of CIMMYT, came to SAU to make an offer to enhance co-operation with SAU in a new style.

Japanese Professor Yamaguchi’s 45 Working Days in Sichuan

From August 11 to September 25, Prof. Yamaguchi, had his 45 busy working days in the Rice Institute and Adversity-biology Laboratory of Sichuan Agricultural University. During the period, he mainly guided students to undertake the purification analysis study of natural products and molecular structure of bacillus isolated from a certain fruit of a plant with NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance instrument). He made co-operation with Prof. Zhang Xiaoping (SAU) to isolated new actinomycetes to study anti-rice sheath blight—one of the agricultural micro-organisms of natural products (including the active ingredient and the new fluorescent substances).

An Academic Report Given by Dr. Adeola, U.S.A. ( October 12 -13)

Dr Olayiwola Adeola, Professor of Animal Science Department of Purdue University U.S.A. came to our Animal Nutrition Institute and made an academic report. Dr Adeola is mainly engaged in the nutrition research of monogastric animals, amino acids and mineral elements. He has done a good job and well-known in the duck nutrition science and nutritive value of duck feeds.

Academic Exchanges between SAU and Three Japanese Universities(Sept. 17- 21)

Three visitors of specialists from Japanese universities (Hiroshima Prefectural University, Junior College in Southern Kyushu, and Hokkaido College of Senshu University), came to visit our university and made practical academic exchanges with our specialists in such issues as higher educational system, economic personnel training, rural land property right system of two countries and so on.

Visitors from South Korea Sept. 11

Prof. In Ho Kim, Dean of NURI FOODBIO CONSORTIUM Dankook University South Korea, came for a visit and made an offer in cooperation with our Animal Nutrition Institute. Received by our Prof. Zhang Keying, he and his three officials made a successful visit.

The First Doctorate Foreign Student Checked In This Month

Ms Mindi Schneider, developmental sociology doctorate student of Cornell University USA, has come to further her study in SAU. She is the first doctorate foreign student of SAU and will further her doctorate study in SAU for fourteen months (Oct. 2009 - Dec. 2010).

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