The Art of Sichuan Culinary

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Institute: College of Food Science

Location: Ya’an campus

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Introduction: Cooking technology is the knowledge which researches the supply of the people’s daily food. Cuisine is one of the key activities in people’s daily life, and its theory, culture and art has been knowing universally. Chuan Cai (Sichuan style dish is one of the eight dishes in China) has a long history, and is very famous in the China, even in the world. This training scheme and course system will help foreign students to be familiar with cuisine technique and theory of Sichuan style dishes and the College of Food Science will hold this program. The applicant who completes the courses will be awarded a certificate by Sichuan Agricultural University.

This teaching program is conducted in the principle of practice first and theory second. Selection of raw materials and combination of ingredients are to be taught in the kitchens. The typical and basic cutting skills, cooking techniques and seasoning arts of Sichuan Style Dishes are to be taught in an easy way and a short period of time.

Courses: Cooking Chemistry; Cooking Material; Basic Skill of Cooking; Nutrition and Food Hygiene; Cooking Technology of Sichuan Style Dishes;Practice and restaurant visit.

Program Time: academic year

Program durations and fees


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The Art of Sichuan Culinary

English-Chinese Bilingual

3 weeks




Note: Minimum class size: More than 3 persons.

Application Time:

Spring semester: March 1 to June 15

Autumn semester: September 1 to December 15

Application Process:

Students submit their application materials to Email box of the international office according to the instructions of Admission Information on Email address:

1) Acceptance letter from contact person

2) Application Form for International Students at SAU

3) CV

4) A Copy of the Passport (information page).

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