Planning and Design of Bamboo Theme Park

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Institute: College of Landscape Architecture

Location: Chengdu campus

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Introduction: The major aims at theory and practice of planning and design of bamboo theme park. Teaching contents including three parts which are seminar on theory,study tours and design studio with bilingual teaching.Firstly,seminar on theory includes theory of planning and design of bamboo theme parks,disposing and landscaping of bamboo and evaluating of bamboo landscape.Secondly, visiting Sichuan’s special bamboo theme parks.Thirdly, design studio aims at practicing of landscape design about bamboo theme parks with theory in courses.Students will be awarded graduation certificated by Sichuan Agricultural University after courses.

Content of courses:

Learning time

Instruction form

Content of courses

Week one

Seminar on theory

Theory of planning and design of bamboo theme parks

Disposing and landscaping of bamboo

Evaluating of bamboo landscape

Week two

Study tours

Chengdu Wangjianglou Park

Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding

& Research Base

week three

week four

Design studio

Design practice of bamboo theme park

Presentation of bamboo theme park

Program Time: academic year

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Planning and Design of Bamboo Theme Park

English &Chinese

4 weeks


Application Time:

Spring semester: March 1 to June 15

Autumn semester: September 1 to December 15

Application Process:

Students submit their application materials to Email box of the international office according to the instructions of Admission Information on Email address:

1) Acceptance letter from contact person

2) Application Form for International Students at SAU

3) CV

4) A Copy of the Passport (information page).

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