Animal Nutrition Program

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Institute: Institute of Animal Nutrition

Location: Chengdu campus

Contact person: 吴德Email address:

Introduction: The program is intended for those students who wish to continue their education in animal nutrition beyond the Bachelor of Science degree but do not desire the additional research emphasis of a formal graduate degree. International students may find the structure of a one-year certificate program ideal to advance their training in the disciplines of animal nutrition. This training will combine course work, laboratory instruction and possibly animal experiment and dissertation writing in animal nutrition and related disciplines.

Courses: Courses available as graduate program.

Research practice:Provide applicants with opportunity and facilities for research.

Supporting research:Provide graduates with any supports and help for their diplomatic degree.

Program Time: academic year

Program durations and fees


Language of Instruction


Fees (RMB Yuan)




Animal Nutrition Program

English &Chinese

4 weeks




Application Time:

Spring semester: March 1 to June 15

Autumn semester: September 1 to December 15

Application Process:

Students submit their application materials to Email box of the international office according to the instructions of Admission Information on Email address:

1) Acceptance letter from contact person

2) Application Form for International Students at SAU

3) CV

4) A Copy of the Passport (information page).

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