My first week at Sichuan Agricultural University (SAU), Chengdu China

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My first week at Sichuan Agricultural University (SAU), Chengdu China

Mansoor Ahmed Koondhar

It is because of my experiences that I made a decision to change my path in life, and this involved my returning to education firstly at my National University that university name also is SAU (Sindh Agricultural University) Tandojam, Pakistan. Where I successfully completed Bachelor Degree in department of Agricultural Economics. Eight days later, I mean after completing degree I met job in Social Sciences research Institute, Pakistan agricultural research center Tandojam as an Assistant Scientific officer and my salary was US$200/month. It was a huge decision again to return to education and found it difficult to adapt initially. But with the help of my friends and my parents, my continuous desire to succeed got admission in Sichuan Agricultural University in Master`s degree program. From the day when I completed Bachelor degree countdown was on, day by day, week by week, the overwhelming feelings of anticipation and trepidation would continue to build and the early stages brought about feelings of it was not being real somehow. On 17th June I was with my uncle in supermarket that time my friend calling me and he asked, “Mansoor, did you receive email from Sichuan agricultural University for successful admission?” Immediately I checked my Email, when I saw my successful admission letter, I felt very excited and happy. After that the question kept spinning in my mind , ‘Am I really going to Sichuan Agricultural university Chengdu, China?’, and the answer really only becomes clear as I made my way up the motorway and began to unload my possessions.

I prepared to come to China. Finally on 9th September I arrived at Shuangliu Airport, when I came out of airport I saw a girl she hold a sign board in her hand of my name. Her name is Xu Xiao, I meet with her and she told me, “I am a student volunteer. I will help you get involved in school life in every step.” After that we prepare for going to University. After one hour traveling we arrived in University. First of all I went to registration room for registration in school and applying for dormitory, registration process and applying dormitory. One hour past when I went into my room. Here completely new atmosphere for me, 1st Night of 1st week has filled with many questions, most of which are nearly impossible to be answered immediately, questions like ‘Will I meet new friends?’, and ‘How are people going to react with me?’ Given my life experience you would think that these sorts of questions will not provide any level of anxiety, but human nature dictates that it is only natural to feel this way as everybody wants to be liked and respected. However, the overriding feeling for me was a loss of identity, I have such a story to tell but you cannot force people to listen, others are only seeing you at face value and all of these will have their own doubts and questions that have to be resolved during this change in their life. I know in my heart of hearts that this feeling of a loss of identity will not last, unfortunately this does not make a new beginning easy, but if life in general was easy then I am sure it would be a very boring life and I am that type of person which wants to step out of a comfort zone to embrace a new challenge.

1st day of 1st week again Ms Xu Xiao, the same student volunteer, came to my room and we went to police station for temporary residency, after that we were back to school it was lunch time. We had delicious lunch together and she told me on tomorrow I mean 2nd day of 1st week we will go to ICBC for bank account. Early morning of 2nd day she came and we went to Bank. Since I’d prefer China sim card, she lead to me for buying sim card. On 3rd day I called her I wanted to meet with my professor and she led to me to my professor, I talked with my professor about one hour and I presented our traditional gift (Sindhi Topi and Ajrak) to my professor. After meeting with my professor I feel very happy because of his behavior and kindness. On the 4th day just I stayed alone in campus to enjoy the beauty of our school, and stayed in room thinking about my studying and my past beautiful memories. On the 5th day I attended the commencement ceremony with an element of Sinicism. I was impressed because I had imagined it to be people on stage talking at me and giving a stock presentation full of cliché’s. In the 6th and 7th week all days my Pakistani seniors invited me to have meal together and have good talks.

It has been very easy for me to get two to three jobs and live comfortably with the same routine day in day out, week in week out and to look back at my accomplishments, but I believe you should never consider your accomplishments as it is a possible pitfall in life, by considering what you have achieved means you are looking back instead of forward.

Fresher week for many is an excuse for those that are leaving home for the first time and are able to take off the shackles and undertake a hedonistic lifestyle that they are not used to when they are at home living with the rest of the family. For me, fresher’s week has been about orientation, administration and organization. I enjoyed having fun just as much as I can but I realized that my primary goal here was to study and to make the most of the opportunities that are open to me. I have learnt over the years that the world does not owe anyone a favour, and whatever it is you want out of life you have to work for and work very hard, some may say that luck plays a big part in the path we take, what I would say is this, the harder you work, the luckier you become.

A stand out moment for me during my first week at university would be the commencement assembly; this might not be everybody’s highlight of their first week but the reason for it being mine will become clear. Thankfully this was not the case; every individual that spoke regardless of whether they were relevant to the path that I am undertaking managed to inspire me in some way. I had a feeling of how much the staff care here and how much work they are willing to put in on the premise that we students are willing to match that or better it. Here I meet my Professor Dr.He Ge, in the shape of my father he always tries his best to keep me happy, because of him I never feel I am alone here in China, from starting I always feel my professor is my Parents.

I had left the sports hall with a higher level of inspiration and determination than when I had entered, I left with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. My determination to succeed has never been in question, many used to tell me that I would amount to nothing and I would always prove them wrong, but the level of determination had reached an all-time high after the words I had heard from those on that stage, this is why I have singled this event out as my stand out moment for my first week in Sichuan Agricultural university.

To sum up, my first week has been a journey filled with questions and answers, new people, new stories. But most of all a time filled with discovery, determination and inspiration.

Introduction of Author: Mansoor Ahmed Koondhar; scholarship student in 2015; Sichuan Agricultural University; College of Management; Agricultural economic management.

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