University of Canberra Became a New Cooperative Partner of SICAU (October 12,2017)

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On October 11, three representatives from University of Canberra came to our university to discuss the signing of the memorandum of cooperation, Dr Kerry McCallum, academic director of the Graduate Research, Professor Reena Ghildyal, and Dr Helen Marsden, manager of the Graduate Research. This is the second inter-university memorandum of cooperation signed by our university this month, after with Sindh Agricultural University, Pakistan.

Staffs of the International Office of Exchange and Cooperation attended the conference, and had an in-depth discussion with the guests on students long/short-term exchange programs, superiority and characteristic discipline complementary cooperation, and our university’s supportive policies for setting up a cooperation platform with the world's best universities under the background of “double first-class” construction. Representatives of University of Canberra expressed they would continue to advance the cooperation detail under the framework of the existing memorandum, they were willing to work with our university in a long and effective way of cooperation and communication.