3 years 7.5 million yuan! Sichuan Agricultural University-Adisseo Innovation Centre of Research on Nutrition and Health was founded

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December 12, Animal Nutrition Institute of SAU and Adisseo France co-founded " Innovation Centre of Research on Nutrition and Health " contract signing ceremony held in Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu Campus, Dr. LIU Yonggang (Vice president of Asia Pacific in Adisseo), Mr. Gérard Deman (Adisseo senior advise and Chairman Bluestar China group), Dr. Stefan Jakob(Director of R&D Nutrition and Animal Health in Adisseo), Dr. Yves Mercier(Senior Research Manager in Adisseo), Professor CHEN Daiwen (Vice President of SAU), Professor WU De(Vice President of SAU), Professor ZENG Weizhong (Director of Science and Technology Division of SAU), Professor ZHANG Xiaoping(Director of International Office of Exchange and Cooperation of SAU), Professor YU Bing (Deputy director of Animal Nutrition Institute of SAU), Mr. ZHONG Bangsheng(Deputy director of Animal Nutrition Institute of SAU) and some other staff and students of Animal Nutrition Institute of SAU attended the English conference.

First of all, Prof. CHEN Daiwen On behalf of the school introduced the long-term cooperation between Adisseo and the Institute of Animal Nutrition in the welcoming address. He said that the Sichuan Agricultural University-Adisseo Innovation Centre of Research on Nutrition and Health is the best embodiment of the new model for cooperation between enterprises and universities, promoting the internationalization of animal nutrition disciplines.

Mr. Deman introduced the development of Adisseo Company and passionately envisioned the cooperation between the SAU and company. He concluded that the contract signing of this innovation center will start a new chapter for both sides.

Adisseo will provide 2.5 million yuan cooperation funds per year in the series of three years as first cooperation cycle, focusing on animal nutrition and health, emission reduction and feed antibiotic substitution and other fields of application and basic research.

At 3pm, Dr. Stefan Jakob of Adisseo gave a wonderful report titled "How to find right probiotics," reporting a deep analysis of the current antibiotic abuse, the rapid spread of drug-resistant genes and the severity of the forbidden problem, and making a systematic exposition for how to choose probiotics and in vitro and in vivo results of screening strains.

Dr. Yves Mercier gave another great report titled "The parternariat approach of antioxidants in successful animal nutrition". The report systematically introduced the production of ROS, the mechanism of antioxidant acting system, the impact of oxidation stress on animal health and products in different stages, attempted to establish a novel marker for the assessment of oxidative stress through genomic and metabolic groups. The academic report with a novel perspective and in-depth research got warm response from teachers and students at the meeting.