Rules for International Students Studyingat Sichuan Agricultural University

Ⅰ. Rules & Regulations

a). Observe school discipline of SICAU. Observe public order and laws and decrees of China.

b). Come to class punctually, do not be late for class, do not leave before a period ends and do not be absent from class without permission. Present a doctor’s certificate in written form to the teacher when asking for a sick leave. Personal leave means absent. In accordance with the school regulations, any student who cannot keep up his study for his absence too much has to repeat the year, or be not permitted to take part in the final test, or even be regarded as voluntarily leaving the university according to the degree of the seriousness.

Ⅱ. Suspension of Schooling

a). Any student who can not continue his study because of illness or personal business may apply to the Administration and Registration Division ofInternational Office SICAU for a period of suspension in written form with a doctor’s certificate or the kind. A record and an approval in written form are needed for making check-out or the other affairs. The suspension time limit is a whole semester or a whole year. The student must make a check-in before the deadline of his suspension if he or she wants to continue study. Suspension of schooling is limited only once for each student during his study in SICAU.      

b). Any student who is at his own expense and applies for suspension of schooling because of either illness or personal business in middle of a semester will not have his remained tuition fee of the semester returned to him. He may continue to use his remained tuition fee at the following semester. Students, who come back to study after their suspension of schooling due to illness, will be required to present their health-proof documents. Don’t forget to renew your visa if it is necessary before you come back to school.    

Ⅲ. Requirements for Credentials, Graduation Certificate & Degree’s Diploma

a)    All students from abroad will be awarded formal credentials after finishing their schooling in SICAU.

b)    Graduation certificates will be awarded to undergraduates and postgraduates if they can finish their study and pass the final examination. Those, who can pass their thesis defense and get relevant credits, will be awarded relevant degree and diploma. Those, who fail to pass the final examination, can be given course-completion certificate. Those, who fail to finish their study, can be given a certificate of incompletion.  

c)    Chinese-course-completion certificate will be awarded to the language students of Chinese only if they can finish their study and become successful learners.