FAQ for Studying at Sichuan Agricultural University

Q: How to apply for studying at SICAU as an overseas student?

A: Please log in the web site: http://english.sicau.edu.cn/ . Get contact information from the International Office of Exchange and Cooperation of SICAU. You can download “Application Form for Foreigners Wishing to Study at Sichuan Agricultural University” and fill in it. Then submit all your documents with the application form as it requires. We will issue the official letters of admission and the “JW202”form to each applicant  by mail as soon as passable.

Q: Please tell me something about the textbooks and the curriculum, say, if I want to study Chinese in SICAU.  

A: The Chinese textbooks for overseas students studying in our university are a series of textbooks called Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL), published by Beijing Language andCultureUniversity. As for the curriculum there are Chinese grammar, Chinese listening and speaking course, Chinese reading course and one-for-one practice.

Q: What’s the good or advantage of studying Chinese in SICAU?

A: So far, so good. OurChineseTrainingCenterfor Overseas Students has done a good job in their “3+1 Teaching Model” and “One-for-One practice”.Judging the feedback of the overseas graduates, we could see that they all made rapid progress in a very short period of time of Chinese learning..  

Q: What do you say about the traffic condition from the campus toChengdu?

A: The transportation is convenient. We have school bus to the downtown ofChengduand ourChengducampus in Wenjiang. Please refer to the webpage as follow:


Q: Is it convenient for us foreigners to have our daily meals in the student dining room?

A: No problems. We will help you to have a school-card as soon as you check in. with the card you can have all the convenience of the campus. There are quite a few student dining halls or dining rooms for you to choose. Of course, the food safety and quality are greatly concerned by our staff and students union. Please refer to the webpage as follow


Q: What are the other costs besides tuition and living expenses?

A: 1. Personal health and accident insurance             about 1,000  

  Note: Students to study in SAU over 3 months are payers except those who have had international insurance

2. Costs of the training materials and textbooks          (It just depends.)

3. Water rate (2.5T/month/person free)    Over budget should be paid for 1.95/T.

4. Power rate (10kwh/month/person free)  Over budget should be paid for0.43/kwh.

5. Laundry charge                      30/230min besides the card costs 10.

6. Network fee                          50/setup fee,  15/month/8Gb free,Over budget should be paid for3/Gb.

Please refer to the webpage as follow:    


Q: Is it ok for us overseas students to ask for leave for some reason during the study?

A: Of course, anyone may ask for leave as long as it is reasonable. But when you want to ask for leaving school for a period of time you must hand in your written form downloaded from webpage of the International Office of Exchange and Cooperation SICAU. Read the form carefully, fill in it in such details as your reason, your arrangement, your destination and your return time. All is for your safety. You must not leave the school without the permission of your supervisors.    

Q : Can we enjoyfreedom of religion in SICAU?

A: Foreigners’ freedom of religion is respected in PRC. As long as the laws and regulations ofChinaare not violated, any overseas students’ freedom of religion will be protected. To get more details, please refer to the “Provisions on the Administration of Religious Activities of Aliens within the Territory of the People's Republic ofChina”.

Q: Can we have some traffic information of Ya’an where SAU is situated?

A: There are 6 bus routes in Ya’an city. To get more details please refer to the webpage:


Q: Can we have some weather information of Ya’an?

A: Sure. Please refer to the webpage:


Q: Can we go to the library or the classroom to get in touch with the Chinese students?

A: Sure thing. You’ll have a school card. You can borrow books from the library and you can do your self-study in any classroom after class.

Q: Can we have some part-time job while studying in SICAU?

A: According to the government rule you cannot, but you can take part in some practice work or temporary work in the school labs or school farm.

Q: Can we live off campus while studying in SICAU?

A: Not until one year later from you come to SICAU can you live off campus. And when you move in somewhere you are required to report to the local police substation and make a register within 24 hours. Then with the help of the International Office of Exchange and Cooperation SAU, you must get your documents ready and go to the Alien Resident Certificate Bureau of Ya’an Police Station to make some change in address and something else.

Q: Can we go sightseeing off campus or tour the scenic spots in Ya’an district?

A: Of course, you can. Ya’an has never lack of beautiful scenic spots and it is famous in the world for the green hills, clear water, fragrant tea and charming pandas. Bifengxia — the green beautiful valley, would be your first nice choice. It is not very far from the down town and you can see giant pandas there and touch their babies. Ya’an is the hometown of giant pandas and there are more than 20 pandas in the panda breeding base of the valley. TheMengdingMountainis known as the original place of Chinese green tea and the cradle of tea culture. It enjoys the unique ecological environment free of bitter cold in winter and intense heat in summer. It is one of the most beautiful places famous for its scenery and historical relics inSichuanProvince.


Q: Is it convenient to surf the internet on the campus?

A: Yes it is. There are internet sockets in every student dorm or classroom or library or lab. In the dorm you should have a personal computer of your own.  

Q: Is it convenient to get information of foreign exchange posted rate ?

A: Please refer to the webpage:efer to the webpage: http://www.boc.cn/sourcedb/whpj