Sino-America Cooperative Educational Turf-grass Management Program Has Born Fruits

On June 14, 2008, the first commencement ceremony of Sino-America Cooperative Educational Turf-grass Management Program (BS) was held in the library meeting-hall of Beijing Forestry University. Twenty six students were awarded BS degree in the presence of their headmasters and leaders, who were from five program universities home and abroad. These five program universities are Michigan Stae University of US, Sichuan Agricultural University, Beijing Forestry University, Northeast Agricultural University and Suzhou Agricultural & Forestry Vocational College.

The commencement ceremony was chaired by Mr. Jeffrey Armstrong, Rector of Agricultural & Natural Resources College of Michigan State University, in the formal style of MSU. All the five leaders made congratulating speech at the ceremony. Mr. Yang Wenyu, Deputy President of SICAU, said that he wish all the graduates a bright future and a happy life. He was sure that they will make great contribution to the country. He also showed gratitude to the workers of the program.

The Program began in 2003.and this time SICAU has 10 graduates, who, similar to the rest, have been awarded a double degree of BS from MSU and SICAU with a diploma of SICAU.