Daily Attendance, Leave, and Reporting Back

1. Daily Attendance

(1) Degree Program Students

The college should establish a daily attendance system for international degree program students, the supervisors / head teachers should master the students’ performance and ideological situation, and the course teachers should keep the attendance records of the students and report to the college for the record. For the students for a long-term absence, ISO will cooperate with the college to correct them in a timely manner, and it will affect their annual evaluation of scholarships and their evaluation of outstanding international students.

(2) Non-degree Program Students

The college shall assign special personnel to carry out daily attendance records and report to the ISO on a monthly basis for Exit & Entry Administration Division of Public Security Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “PSB”).

2. Leave and Reporting Back

(1) Leave and Reporting Back during School Time

a. Leave

Students who are unable to study at school due to illness or other factors must apply for leave of absence.

l  Leave for less than one week: it must be approved by supervisors / head teachers and the college with an oral notification to ISO.

l  Leave for more than one week: after obtaining the approvals of the supervisors / head teachers, the college, and ISO, students need to fill in the Application Form for Leave of International students. Graduate students shall submit to their colleges, the Graduate School and ISO; undergraduate students and Chinese language students shall submit to the colleges and ISO.

b. Reporting Back

Students must return to school on time when the leave application expires, and promptly report back to their supervisors, colleges and ISO. If the time of returning have to be postponed due to force majeure, it should be approved by their supervisors / head teachers in advance and ISO should be notified.

c. Warning

For those who leave school without going through the leave procedure or fail to report back on time according to regulations, we will cancel their living allowance in the leave month and scale down their marks in the annual evaluation of the scholarship for international students and the evaluation of excellent international students.

(2) Vacation Report

Students adopt the system of vacation report. ISO will send the statistical form of vacation to students before every winter vacation, summer vacation and National Day holiday, and the students shall complete the form and return it to the ISO within the prescribed time. Late reporting will lead to their marks scaled down in their annual evaluation of the scholarship for international students and the evaluation of excellent international students.

The supervisors / head teachers should know the whereabouts of their students during the winter, summer vacation and National Day holiday, and require them to report regularly during the vacation period.

Colleges should keep good records of students who stay at school in winter and summer vacation, and ensure the accuracy of the list of students and their contact information. Colleges, supervisors / head teachers should care for their studies, living and ideological situation, and pay attention to their physical health and personal and property safety. In case of emergency, colleges and supervisors/ head teachers should report to the university timely and take measures to solve it.

(3) Leave and Living Allowance

When the students leave school after completing the leave procedure, the living allowance of that month will be suspended (the whole month living allowance will be suspended if their leave is before the 15th of that month, and the half-month living allowance will be suspended if their leave is after the 15th of that month), and will be given back when they return to school and report back.

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