Regulations on Work-Study Program Management

     In order to adapt to the development trend of the education of students, further promote the work of international students, strengthen the standardized management of the work-study program activities of the students during their study in our school, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the students, the regulations are hereby formulated in accordance with the spirit of Management Regulations for College Students’ Work-study Program, in combination with the actual situation of our university.

(1) Nature of Work-study Program

It refers to a kind of social practice activity. Students studying in our university participate in appropriate amount of mental or physical labor service inside or outside the school in their spare time without affecting their normal study, and get corresponding remuneration to subsidize their costs of life and study.

(2) Qualifications for Work-Study Program

a. Students who have obtained the student status and have registered officially in our school, including undergraduate, master students, doctoral students, students for advanced study and Chinese language students.

b. Students who have passed all the exams of both compulsory and optional courses.

c. Students who have participated in the comprehensive medical insurance.

(3) Time and Scope of Work-study Program

a. Maximum work time is 20 hours per week during the school time.

b. Maximum work time is 8 hours per day during the vacation.

c. Participation in the production of radio, film and television programs, in commercial performances or in entertainment places is not regarded as work-study program.

d. The work-study program activities shall be carried out within the scope prescribed by Chinese laws and regulations.

e. In principle, the work-study program activities attended by international students should be related to their majors.

(4) Application and Registration of Work-study Program

a. Students shall apply to ISO before participating in work-study program, and fill in the Application Form for Work-Study Program. After obtaining ISO’s approval, students need to go to the PSB to add the work-study visa to their residence permit.

b. Required documents for adding the information to the Residence Permit:

● The Work-study Certificate issued by employer;

● The Work-Study Certificate for International Students issued by ISO;

●  The Accommodation Registration Form for Aliens issued by the local police station;

● The valid passport (original and copy);

● The valid visa (resident permit);

●  One 2-inch photo (passport size, full face, bareheaded, white background);

●  The Contact Card issued by ISO (copy ).

c. Students who participate in the work-study program must keep the records of the working date, time, hours and remuneration and the relevant documents, and abide by the Labor Law of PRC and other laws and regulations.

(5) Accident and Dispute Settlement

a. If students get injured or have accidents during the work time, they should immediately report to ISO, and inform the departments concerned with foreign affairs and the PSB.

b. When a dispute arises between the employer and the student, the dispute shall be settled through consultation according to the signed agreement. If the two parties are unable to resolve the dispute through consultation, the labor dispute agency may arbitrate. ISO may provide necessary language assistance and policy advice for the settlement of the dispute.

(6) If these regulations are in conflict with the relevant laws and regulations of the State, the laws and regulations of the State shall prevail.

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