Japanese Entomologists Coming to Our University for Exchange (August 7, 2015)

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On the morning of August 5, Professor Huang Guohua, from Virus Research Institute of Plant Protection College in Hunan Agricultural University, led a delegation to our university, including the entomologist Toshiya Hirowatari from Kyushu University, Associate Professor YositakaSakamaki from Kagoshima University, Researcher JinboUtsugi from Japan's National Science Museum, Dr. Issei Ohshima from Kyoto Prefectural University, Dr. Terada Takeshi from Okinawa Local Museum and Professor Wang Min from South China Agricultural University. Associate Professor Wang Xuegui and Jiang Chunxian from College of Agronomy and Professor Yang Wei from College of Forestry in our university attended the tea talk.

Yang Wei talked about the occurrence, prevention and control of forest pest disease. Wang Xuegui mentioned the occurrence regularity, resistance monitoring and management, risk assessment of new drug resistance. Jiang Chunxian communicated on the source analysis and migration mechanism of migratory pests in our province, as well as our monitoring, prevention and control.



[Translation:李娥 张梅]