Dr. Guan Xinfu from US Baylor College of Medicine Coming to Animal Nutrition Institute for Visitation and Exchange (May 22nd, 2015)

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At 2:30 pm May 20, Dr. Guan Xinfu from US Baylor College of Medicine gave a report for our university with the invitation of Animal Nutrition Institute. The report was carried out simultaneously by on-line video in both Ya'an and Chengdu campuses. The vice president Chen Daiwen, the director of Animal Nutrition Institute Wude, the party secretary and deputy director Yu Bin and students and teachers from Animal Nutrition Institute attended the report.

The report was chaired by Professor Zhang Keying, who introduced briefly the study and work experiences and the major research findings of Dr. Guan, and expressed our warm welcome on behalf of all the teachers and students. Dr. Guan's report was entitled “Nutrient Sensing along the Gut-Brain Axis in the Control of Energy/Glucose Homeostasis”. He elaborated on GLP-2R functioning in feeding behavior / glucose homeostasis, GLP-2R-PI3K signal, SIRT1, enteral nutrition sensing mechanism and weight-loss surgery functioning in metabolic. Finally he emphasized, “We should apply new ideas and new approaches in research.”




[Translation:李娥 张梅]