Professors from the Chinese University of Hong Kong Giving Reports in High-level Academic Forum Held by College of Agronomy (April 27th, 2015 )

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On April 24 the High-level Academic Forum by College of Agronomy (Lecture 15) was held in Chengdu Campus Library Auditorium. Professor Lin Hanming, Professor Li Haowen and Dr. Dai Peiquan from the Chinese University of Hong Kong were invited to give reports. The lecture was hosted by Professor Ren Wanjun, the vice dean of College of Agronomy. The vice-Chancellor Yang Wenyu and over 100 teachers and students from College of Agronomy, College of Environmental Sciences etc. listened to the lecture.

The titles of the reports are “Soybean Salt-tolerant Mechanism Genomic and Molecular Biology Research” and “Earth System Simulation to Examine the Relationship between Agriculture and Environment”, “Computer Optimization Techniques of Farming Methods - Examples and Future”. Professor Lin Hanming elaborated on his research strategies and achievements in getting wild soybeans salt-tolerant genes by integrated application of genomics, genetics, molecular biology. The computer expert Dr. Li Haowen talked from the application of computer technology in the nurse shift scheduling, the rescheduling of train timetable to its application in farm management system to maximize farming income, nourish the land etc. Dr. Dai Peiquan explained how to optimize agriculture and the earth's environmental systems with system simulation. The three reports interpreted the mysteries of agricultural production from micro to macro, from the genome of atmospheric chemistry. Professors’ Hong Kong-style Mandarin made the lecture extraordinarily vivid and interesting.




[Translation:李娥 张梅]