Professor J. Douglas Armstrong from University of Edinburgh Coming to Our University for Academic Exchanges (April 23rd, 2015)

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On April 21st, Professor J. Douglas Armstrong, the famous neurobiologist from University of Edinburgh, was invited to our school for academic exchanges. He gave two academic reports entitled “Systems Biology of Synaptic Proteome" and "Virtual Fruit Fly Brain -- Traditional Anatomy and Statistical Image Analysis ". The Reports were chaired by Professor Yang Mingyao from Institute of Animal Genetics and Breeding. More than 80 students and teachers listened to the report.

Professor Armstrong introduced the new Drosophila systems neuroscience by combining the bio-image analytics and traditional neuroanatomy, and the relationship of direct location of the neurosynaptic proteins and human neurodegenerative diseases based on proteomic analysis. Then Prof. Armstrong answered questions from students and teachers.




[Translation:李娥 张梅]