Professor Yan Liuling from Oklahoma State University Giving a Report in High-level Academic Forum Held by College of Agronomy (April 23rd, 2015)

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On April 21, Professor Yan Liuling, the famous wheat molecular geneticist from Oklahoma State University, was invited to give a report on "From Crop Science to Science" in High-level Academic Forum held by College of Agronomy. The report was chaired by Professor Huang Yubi, the dean of College of Agronomy. Professor Liu Dengcai (Director of the Triticeae Research Institute) and teachers and students from College of Agronomy and Triticeae Research Institute listened to the report.

Professor Yan Liuling introduced his topic by elaborating the difference between crop science and general science, explaining the relationship between science and agriculture, how to learn and dedicate to crop science, and how to do scientific research. He stressed that scientific researchers must be dedicated, focused, steady, serious, and a good "learner and thinker". They can enjoy scientific value in pursuit of self-pleasure. Professor Yan Liuling answered questions from teachers and students and they communicated on the issues of their study and life.




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