Veterinary Medicine College of SICAU and Purdue University Signinga Letter of CooperationIntent in Student Exchange (April 1st, 2015)

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On March 31st Professor Willie M. Reed, the dean of Veterinary Medicine College of Purdue University, signed a letter of cooperation intent in student exchange with Professor Cheng Anchun (the dean of Veterinary Medicine College ofSICAU) in the meeting room303 of No.1 Teaching Buildingin Chengdu campus.

The two sides consulted on the exchange student number, contact ways, travel fees, accommodation arrangements, probation projects, with expectationfor jointly improving the ability of students majoring in veterinary medicine through cooperation and exchange. They also communicated on school history, faculty, major setting, school size, curriculumsettings, talent training etc..

Invited by Veterinary Medicine College of SICAU, the dean Willie M. Reed, the vice-dean Harm HogenEsch and Professor Shi Riyi gave speeches entitled “VeterinaryMedicine Education in PurdueUniversity and the US" , "Regulating the innate immune system and enhancing the vaccine immune response" and “Chemical Injury Mechanisms of Oxidative Stress and Acrolein in Central Nervous System Injury and Disease". Experts illustrated the conditions of Purdue University and its Veterinary Medicine College, as well asthe undergraduate education of veterinary medicine in the US. DeanReed also had a lively discussion withstudents on employment opportunities for veterinary graduates, income level, teaching methods, PhD education, veterinary development in the United States etc..


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