Fellow of Australian Academy of Sciences Robert McIntosh GivingAcademic Lectures for College of Agronomy (March 31st, 2015 )

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At 8:30 am March 30, a fellow of Australian Academy of SciencesRobert McIntosh,invited by College of Agronomy, gave anacademic lecture in Chengdu Schoolyard Library Auditorium, entitled "Aspects of Host: Pathogen Genetics".

The report focuses on the host-pathogen interaction mechanism, the interaction process of wheat and rust pathogen by taking wheat stripe rust and leaf rust as examples, and the connotation and denotation of "gene- gene" hypothesis. He also expressed his unique personal insights on the classification of wheat rust resistance, its gene aggregation and breeding

Professor Robert had a discussion with teachers and students present, especially on wheat stripe rust resistance gene Yr18 and Yr36 etc. in depth with Professor Liu Dengcai (Director of Triticeae Research Institute),ProfessorWEI Yuming (Secretary of CPC General Branch), Professor Fu Tihua (Director of Library) and so on.



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