The postgraduate student from the Republic of South Sudan in the Institute of Ecology & Forestry published an academic paper in mainstream journal of forestry(2015.10.22)

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An academic paper named Biomass Stock and Carbon Sequestration in a Chronosequence of Pinus massoniana Plantations in the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River authored by Mr. Meta Francis Justine a South Sudanese postgraduate student in the Institute of Ecology & Forestry was published online in the mainstream journal of forestry Forests (IF:1.449). The paper is part of his master’s degree dissertation, which focus on the characteristic of biomass stock and carbon sequestration in a chronosequence of masson pines in the upper reaches of the Yangtze river.The study indicated that biomass stock and carbon sequestration in the masson pines plantation ecosystem increased with increasing stand ages. The forest ecosystem had the capacity of storing up to 965.83 t·ha-1carbon. It's an important Carbon sink which can prove it's essential to illustrate the benefits of considering stand age in the growth,plus developmental patterns of forest ecosystems in estimating terrestrial C stocks accordingly.
Mr. Meta Francis Justine engages in the carbon cycle of masson pines plantation ecosystem under the supervision of Prof. Wanqin Yang and Prof. Fuzhong Wu in the Institute of Ecology & Forestry since Nov 2014. Meta faced many challenges such as language and weather conditions when he came to our campus, but with the help of campus and college leaders, advisors and schoolmates, he tried his best to overcome these challenges. This academic paper could not be successfully published without the constant guidance of the advisors and Meta’s hard work with knowledge of his major.