President of Japanese Pet TCM Society Ishino Takashi Visited SICAU for Academic Exchange (2014.12.22)

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From December 18th to 19th, Japanese current president of Pet TCM Society, director of Pet Massage Association, director of Medical Aromatherapy Animal Clinical Veterinary Department, permanent member of Traditional Asian Society of Veterinary Medicine, director of Kamakura Animal Hospital in Kanagawa, Mr. Ishino Takashi was invited to our university for academic exchange and cooperation, with accompany of China Southwest Veterinary Association Secretary General Wang Cheng.

In the afternoon of December 18th, experts from department of clinical veterinary medicine and animal hospital held a tea talk with Ishino Takashi. Professor Cheng Anchun, Dean of College of Veterinary Medicine, attended the meeting and made a welcome speech. They discussed on small animal medicine development prospects, animal medicine talents cultivation in our university, training exchange of personnel and joint education of graduates, signing the cooperation agreement “Joint Education of Chinese and Western combining clinical veterinarians and high-level talents”. Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine awarded letter of appointment to Ishino Takashi as instructors for co-educating postgraduates.