China-Germany Cooperation Project WAYS 2014 Annual Symposium held in SICAU (2014.11.06)

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On November 4th, the China-Germany Cooperation Project WAYS(Joint Research of Water and Resource Management and Sustainable Utilization on the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River) 2014 Annual Symposium was held in SICAU Chengdu campus. The symposium included 2 central issues discussed in SAU and SICAU respectively: urban and rural water resources management and water quality, and regional resources management and recycling economy. Reports were made by experts and scholars from our university, Biogas Institute of Ministry of Agriculture, Tsinghua University, Institute of Urban and Rural Water Resources Management in RWTH Aachen in Germany etc. Their communication also covered Chinese wastewater treatment combined with the biogas production, regional agricultural wastewater treatment and resource management, Chinese biogas recycling and utilization.

In that afternoon, participants visited our modern agricultural base in Chongzhou, inspecting the water quality monitoring and water resources assessment, and visited the bio fertilizer plant in cooperation with our university, understanding agricultural waste treatment and fertilizer production as a part of resource recycling economy.

The overall goal of WAYS is to save and protect water resources with chemical and agricultural organic waste through optimizing water resource management model, and promote the China-Germany cooperation in environmental technology and services to lay the foundation for cooperation in other fields. Participants of the program include RWTH Aachen, Leibniz Agricultural Land Research Center, UTS Biogas Engineering Technology Co. Ltd. and SEBA Water Quality Monitoring Technology Equipment Co. Ltd. in Germany, and Tsinghua University, Sichuan University and Sichuan Agricultural Universityin China. Our university mainly participated in assessing agricultural water resources and their production and utilization in Sichuan Province and constructing the production rules of water resourcesefficient utilization in major agricultural areas. The two parts discussed on further cooperation prospects. Our university led by Professor Deng Liangjiplanned to have further cooperation with Germany in the energy regeneration of agricultural organic waste.