Dr. Liu Dan making a special report at the 3rd Global Symposium on Health Systems Research,Oct. 09

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The 3rd Global Symposium on Health Systems Research was held in Cape Town, South Africa during September 30 to  October 3, 2014. Over 1,700 scholars and policy-makers from the global health systems, health science and medical community participated. Dr. Liu Dan from Sichuan Research Center for Rural Development in our university joined in the symposium and made a special report entitled “Dissatisfied patients in China: What matters” on the specific topic of “People-centered Health Systems”. The report analyzes the main factors influencing the urban residents' satisfaction with medical care and its reasons, in terms of three aspects of patients, medical service supplier and medical market, based on Chinese Family Panel Studies of urban residents’ basic health insurance (2007-2010). This report aroused the interest and attention of experts and scholars from different countries. Dr. Liu Dan had an extensive exchange with participants, focusing on the difficulties of Chinese health systems development and reform and the cause of “medical disturbance” and its improvement.‍