Cooperative program between Bonn Univ. & SAU

Hit:2010 Author:

On Sept.16, Mr. Deng Liangji, the Party Secretary, and Mr. Zhu Qing, the Vice President (SAU), with Mr. Wang Suguang (researcher) received Prof. Karl Schellander, the Deputy Dean of Agricultural College Bonn Univ. and Dr. Verena Raab, member of the International & Public Relations Committee. A formal talk was held to announce that a long-term cooperative program between Bonn Univ. & SAU was to begin. They also made a discussion about the motion to ally the Yangtze River valley and the Rhin valley as a league to make a sustainable, innovative joint development in agriculture for the food safety and human health. This great motion was proposed by the guest party. Anyhow, a common view was reached for some further steps of the league.