Earthquake & tsunami in Japan caused more than shocks in SAU, Mar. 11

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The 9.0-scale earthquake followed by a great tsunami in Japan on March 11 shocked the whole world. No sooner had the news about it been heard than the leaders of SAU showed concern for our students and a teacher studying in Japan and Japanese students studying in SAU. Leaders of IOEC, the Graduates School and relative collages made great effort to get in touch with them respectively. It took our leaders much trouble to get themselves to be put through because our 9 students and one teacher are scattered in Hiroshima, Chiba, Tokyo and even in Hokkaido. Fortunately they were not near the earthquake center and were very safe. At the same time the leaders of the university went to see the three Japanese students and showed great concern for their families in Japan. Not until all the three students reported that their families were very safe did the leaders become relieved.