Nottingham University UK offers to make academic exchanges with SAU, Mar. 29

Hit:1999 Author:

Invited by the Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province, the delegation of Nottingham University UK offers to make a visit in SAU for academic exchanges and cooperations in a wide range. First they made some investigation on our scientific research work and research programs. Then at 10 o'clock, Prof. Cxhris Rudd, Deputy President of Nottingham University, offered to preside at the meeting. He introduced his delegation, which was made up of such scholars and specialists as the Head of the Institute of Modern Sinology of Nottingham University, a molecular veterinary scientist, a biochemical engineer, a biologist of botany development, an advanced scholar of genomics, a food economist, the Head of International Cooperation Office of Nottingham University, the Head of Investigating & Surveying Affairs of Nottingham University (in Ningbo) and the Head of the Environment Curriculum of Nottingham University (in Ningbo). Respectively they had very good discussions with the relative scholars and specialists of SAU.