German girl Sophia expressed her feeling before leaving, May 2

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Sophia, a German girl studing in SAU, is to go home on May 5. It seems hard for her to leave SAU and the following is what she wrote to us before her leaving day.    

My name is Sophia Schulze-Geisthövel and I worked for the international joint project between the University of Bonn and the Sichuan Agricultural University, “Study on Effects Causing Pigs Aggressive Activities”, from February 20, 2011 to May 5, 2011.  During this period, I surveyed 20 pig farms with tails and 20 pig farms without tails in Sichuan Province to find the facts that cause aggressive activities in pig farms.  I collected blood samples from 20 pigs with tails and 20 pigs without tails to detect the difference of Leptin content in the blood.  Besides my research job, I gave the undergraduate students two public lectures about the pig production in Germany. I enjoyed the time at the Sichuan Agriculture University very much because all students, the professors and also president Deng were very friendly.

I will never forget this very exciting time in my life.