European Council President Herman Van Rompuy visited SAU, May 15

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On the morning of May 15, escorted by Ms. Coosje Hoogendoorn, General Secretary of INBAR, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy came to our Dujiangyan campus for a visit to make an investigation in Sichuan people's living condition after the "Earthquake Disaster" and the development of the "Program of Chain Exploitation and Procession of Ecotype Bamboo Products in Sichuan Province". He, one of our most distinguished guests, was warmly welcomed and received by Mr. Deng Liangji, Party Secretary of SAU, Mr. Guo Hengxiao, Deputy Director of the Forestry Department of Sichuan Province and Mr. Han Bing, Deputy Mayor of Dujiangyan City. He and his escorts were showed around the Bamboo Craft Training Center and the Exhibition Hall of Bamboo Craft Products in our Dujiangyan campus.

Being the host, Mr. Deng, the Party Secretary, spoke highly of EU's "Program of Ecotype Bamboo Products Exploitation and Procession in Sichuan Province" in acknowledgement. And he, on behalf of SAU, also expressed his willing to make more academic exchange and cooperation with EU in the fields of personnel training and technology of bamboo products exploitation and procession in order to have a better fulfilment of the "Program" and a great promotion of the development of the bamboo industry in Sichuan Province.